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In this video you will lean how to set up your Android device so that it can be used to login to Windows and OSX computers without a password.

This video shows you how to bypass Windows and OSX logins using your android device. In this lecture we will use the backdoor we created earlier and replace any downloaded exe with that backdoor. In this video you will learn how to backdoor exe's as they are being downloaded, this means that the downloaded file will work perfectly but at the same time it will execute your backdoor. In this lecture you will learn how to program your android device to execute windows commands when it's connected to a Windows computer via USB.

In this lecture we will use the same method as before, but we will gain full access to the target computer using the powersploit option. Search for anything.

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Penetration Testing. Learn Hacking Using Android From Scratch Learn how to use Android to hack into networks and computer systems, and how to secure systems from hackers. Created by Zaid Sabih , z Security.

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Training 5 or more people? What you'll learn. The Course is Divided into four main sections: Weaponising : this section will take you through the steps of of preparing your computer and Android device, you'll learn how to install NetHunter an Android penetration testing platform on your Android device. Who this course is for:. Featured review.

Vincent Casella 13 courses, 8 reviews. I most certainly learned a lot with this course and was able to implement the tools and techniques immediately and put it together with the other tools and techs I've learned in his courses Check calls, and spy for android phone, cell spying software. It can also be the way to track employees as you the Employer will Originally Answered:May 5, Here's how to turn off Android location tracking.

Share with your friends! Most cell phones have a single antenna. Here is the Surest Way to View Messages. With UserLAnd, turning Android's into hacking devices is easy.

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While Android is slower at processing data than Raspberry Pis , it still makes a great, easily concealed offensive tool capable of running Kali software. If you have any requests for Kali software you'd like to see running in Android, be sure to leave a comment below. I like it. Super cool, thanks for this. What are the real world applications and benefits of this? I'm new to this. Thanks for this great article.

3 Most Effective Ways to Hack Android Phone (% Works!)

A question, how can I use ssh from my laptop to access this OS on local network? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks anyhow. I keep getting an error on step 7, I get error "gpg: can't connect to the agent: IPC connect call failed" by the way, I set the username as "distortion" just to follow it better. Idid everything as mentioned in the article but after nano the sources, saving whetting kali repo, the apt-get update is getting the debian resourcesa but kali's resources dont show in the getting list. Did you setup the Ngrok authtoken?

It could be a limitation of the free account too. There's an article being published later this week that features Ngrok and UserLAnd. Check back in a few days. Awesome Perfect. If anyone has tried, please update. Permissions denied usually means root sudo is required to run the command. Reboot your phone, then try:. UserLAnd has a built in terminal and ssh client now.

Mobile9cellphone tapping for android

You can use that and not download and install ConnectBot. Just FYI. UserLAnd also has at most 2 people working on it on any given day, so please give us a shout out and a good review if you like what we are doing. If you don't like our work, please file issues here on github: github. We don't support running at true root yet, so it is good to point out that not all pentesting will work currently. It has to be something that is possible for a standard android apps permissions. Any help or pointers? Thanks for sharing this interesting stuff. Meantime I am getting an error every time while using apt-get upgrade.

I have found this article similar to your theme. They have mentioned different ways to hack android phone spyic.