Call and sms tracker app

View media files Get all the videos, pictures, documents in the target phone.

Track SMS free by using FoneTracker app

Management contacts Check the contacts in the target phone and sync the data in real time. Browser history Monitor the browsing URL and time of the target mobile browser.

Automatic photo taking Take a photo automatically on the target phone and record the time taken. Monitor phone usage Monitor the usage of the app in the target phone and count the duration of the app.

Top 10 reasons to install Free SMS tracker app iPhone and Android

Keylogger Monitor all text content filled in by the keyboard in the target phone. No matter where you are, you can discover all the truth.

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It can be used to protect your family, child and your partner's information. Protect your child Prevent teens from using your phone too much to cause damage. Discover the truth You have the right to know what is happening on your phone. Business management It can effectively manage employees and improve efficiency.

2. Qustodio

Customer's evaluation of us. Marie White Knowing what the child did on the phone, now I can better understand the child's ideas. John Davis I can now check the work of my employees at any time, which greatly improves my work efficiency. Start monitoring any device now. Knowledge base Management contacts Monitor social apps Keylogger Browser history. Policies About us Terms of Service Contact us. Follow us.

Please refer to your local laws to make sure your particular monitoring activities are legal in your country. By installing the software or using the service you certify that you act in accordance to the law and you take full responsibility for the use of the product. It is compatible with all devices. Step 2: Continue as the installation wizard guides for selecting a respective phone. Step 3: After following, steps of installation wizard enter the activation code and click OK.

Step 8: Once the target number is entered, click on sync now. You will receive a message for your target number; every time the target number makes a call.

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Mute your phone when you are intercepting the call, else your voice will be heard. You can even set geo-fencing for your target number, and once they cross that fence, you will be notified by an alert. If your target phone is an iPhone user, then sign in to your account by selecting the identity as a kid.

Grant permissions to FamiSafe: like allowing location access to the app and then install the Mobile Device Management file. If your target phone is an android user, sign in to your account by selecting the identity as a kid.

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Grant administrator access to the app, for preventing it from getting uninstalled by any other than a parent. For FamiSafe, settings of your phone are the same as you did for target phone. Step 2: Keep an eye on your target device messages by setting a certain keyword.

The Best Call and SMS Tracker Apps in 12222

If they receive a message with that keyword, you will be notified with an alert. With call and SMS tracker, you can access your concerned people calls and texts for avoiding misuse of phones. With the easy usage of these apps, it is the most effective way of keeping a watchful eye on your family, staff, friends, etc. Try it Now.


For monitoring iPhone After entering necessary details, select iOS as an operating system. For monitoring text messages Log in to your account, under the model number of your target phone you can see all the data types list on the left side of the dashboard. For tracking instant messages, your target device should be connected to the internet.

For tracking calls Step 1: Create your FlexiSpy account and log in to your account Step 2: Continue as the installation wizard guides for selecting a respective phone. Step 5: Move towards enable call interception and set the status ON. Step 7: Go to Bugging Controls and enter the target number. You can also view call log by going to calls tab in the control panel.

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For tracking messages Step 1: After signing in, click on the messages tab and then on SMS Step 2: Now you can successfully view the messages of your target device. Android: If your target phone is an android user, sign in to your account by selecting the identity as a kid.

Allow access to the app for usage.