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Five different gestures just to interact with iOS seems crazy, but somehow Apple pulled it off. And yet despite the new complexity, iOS 11 just feels better. Now, every touch does what it is meant to do, so you can stop thinking about it. How to fake True Tone on older Macs.

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What’s The Best Way To Tap My Husband’s Cell Phone

Today in Apple history: Martin Scorsese ad makes Siri look like a superstar. These stylish Apple Watch bands offer real leather at a steal. Hands on with iPhone What to expect from iPhones [Video]. How to save gigabytes of data while traveling. Overcast adds fantastic new podcast recommendations feature.

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News Top stories Both of these were caused by tap-and-hold, which sounds confusing but isn't. Photo: Cult of Mac When the iPhone launched 10 years ago, there were two kinds of tap. Maybe you, as an infrequent flier, have no use for Airplane Mode at all.

How to turn Off and On iPhone without Sleep/Wake Button

Fortunately, you can and should edit this panel, so that the settings you need often are there at your fingertips. Android : Swipe down twice from the top of the screen and then tap the pencil button or the Edit button. On this screen, you can rearrange the Settings buttons by dragging. If you touch one of these extra buttons until the phone vibrates, you can then drag upward to install it onto the Quick Settings panel.

You can save even more steps by setting up macros : multistep sequences you can trigger with a single command, even a spoken one. The latest iPhone software version, iOS 12, comes with canned, ready-to-use macros — called Shortcuts — just for this purpose. If you spot a shortcut that looks useful, tap it to record a spoken Siri command that triggers it.

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These can be far more elaborate — and useful. The car turns on and carefully self-drives out of its parking place. Apple offers a complete user guide for the Shortcut app here and the web is full of suggestions and sources for even more amazing Shortcuts.

How to Spy On Someone’s IPhone Remotely – Step by Step Guide

Each of these tactics requires a small investment in setup and learning time. Log In.

Set up self-expanding abbreviations You probably do a lot of repetitive typing on your tiny onscreen keyboard. Spy apps have the ability to keep track of even the information that has been deleted on a device. The sellers of spy app have lured users with a variety of spying features.

Wondering what stuff you on spy on?

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That includes their location, text messages, call logs, IM chats, web browsing history and a lot more. Speaking of features, you will get your hands on the following as you sign up for Xnspy to keep track of another iPhone:. There are a couple of ways you can tell if a product or a company is a scam. They will make everything seem so legit by letting you believe you are getting the best deal ever.

They even offer bonuses with the software. There are a few apps though that help with minor tracking but they are not complete spy apps. They are free and, in fact, you might already be using one of them. These apps include:. With Find My Friends, you can easily locate your friends and family via Maps.

How to Tap a Cell Phone With Just The Number

You can also share your location with them if you want to. It helps you track and locate lost devices by telling their location. As you can see, the aforementioned apps are not wholesome spy apps.

They can only be used for the purpose of tracking another iPhone. If you want to access more information about the target iPhone, you will need a good spyware that supports features such as spying on iMessages, call logs, IM chats etc. You can always choose to pick the cheapest spyware and Xnspy is hands down the most affordable one available to date. XNSPY is also ranked one of the best iphone spying software.

Home spy on iPhone without having the phone. No need to access the target iPhone! Then wait for it to save the details you have entered. Step 3: Enter the iCloud Credentials Xnspy prompts you to enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone as the dashboard opens up. Step 4: Navigate to the dashboard menu Simply navigate through the dashboard menu to start spying on the iPhone. Buy Now.